We believe that looking beyond our current capabilities is essential. We strive for new technologies, methods of manufacture and exploring new ideas; it is imperative for ours and our clients continuing success, advanced manufacturing and engineering. Our commitment to Innovation is delivered through our technology growth strategy and supported by government backed Innovation programmes.
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MEP’s Aerospace Technology Institute funded Innovation Projects

AEPEC - Aerospace Electric Propulsion Equipment, Controls & Machines

Partnering with a Global Tier 1 and its supply chain partners on all aspects of electrical power systems and energy usage on future technology aircraft. Scope will cover Generation, Control, Starter-Generator function and electrical actuation for More Electric Aircraft, and variants in Regional Jets, Biz Jets and advanced Rotorcraft.

MEGCAP - More Electric Generation & Controls for Aircraft Power

Partnering with a Global Tier 1 and its supply chain partners, MEGCAP looked to re-invent the thermal management of the interior of aircraft starter-generator electrical machines. Project outputs were equipment and products with higher efficiency, lower self-heating – leading to cooler and smaller equipment. The project will looked at advancing the control electronics.

AEMTA - Advanced Electrical Machines Technologies for Aircraft

Partnering with a Global Tier 1 and its supply chain partners, AEMTA targeted a doubling in high-temperature performance of electro-mechanical systems operating in harsh environments, to 250 Deg C – 280 Deg C, necessary for moving electrical motors and machines closer to the engine core. The electromechanical systems looked to provide further performance benefits, including reducing component weight and volume and increased robustness against the effects of vibration.

NATEP – Adhesion Technology led projects

Partnering with a SME to provide engineering support and design input into projects around their all-in-one fastener and tow-steered reinforcement fabric fixing system, designed primarily for boosting productivity and design freedom with fiber-reinforcement polymer (FRP) composites.

NATEP - Automated Manufacture of Slot Liners (AMSL)

Lead by MEP, this project looked a handmade product and determining if and how the production process could be automated, increasing repeatability and reducing cost.


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