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  1. Insulation Excellence

    Supporting the Power Generation markets in Aerospace, Defence, and Electrical and Electronic application, our scope of manufacture in insulations is wide ranging. From stamped out engineering laminates and films, to moulded and machined complex insulations, we have a solution to fit our clients’ needs.

    Insulation Excellence
  2. Moulding Excellence

    Whether Thermoset or Thermoplastic, with 4 different Moulding Techniques carried out on site, including the encapsulation of metallic inserts (manufactured in-house), and all post-moulding and finishing processes, MEP is the ‘one-stop-shop’ covering all our clients plastic needs.

    Moulding Excellence
  3. Machining Excellence

    From manual machining though semi-CNC, up to 5 axis Milling and 7 axis Mill / Turn our offering is a premium machining service at competitive rates. Our wide range of machining capabilities ensure we select the appropriate approach to manufacturing complex plastic and metal components, so whether it’s small simple parts or larger complex detail parts we’ve got it covered.

    Machining Excellence

Our Service – Beyond just Engineering

Our client demand a new and better experience; taking on ideas and improved ways of doing things, MEP deliver this, on time and every time. Our excellent service levels, high performance and reliability are recognised by our Supply Chain Partners.



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